Course Offerings


Word Mail Merge  Learn how easy it is to use this powerful feature of Word.  Produce customized letters to each of your contacts. 


Yahoo! I Survived the Internet!  So you got online.  Congratulations!  What now?  Learn how to use the popular Yahoo FREE "Internet portal" to make your Internet experience a useful and enjoyable one. 


Pop-ups and Viruses and Spam. Oh MY!  (or Learn What to Teach Your Children about the Internet.)  Sure, they know more than you, but do they know where the dangers are and what to stay away from.  


Internet on $10 a Month:  Learn how you can get quality dialup service and use the FREE resources of the Internet to enjoy the benefits of technology. 


Outlook Express: Its free and comes with your PC.  Learn how to configure  Outlook Express to read your personal Optimum Online (or other ) email.  Then learn how to read and send email, re-route junk mail, organize messages and manage contacts.

Courses also available in:


Microsoft Word: Basic.  Formatting documents , cut/paste, moving around.


Microsoft Word: Intermediate  Tables and Macros.  Mailing lists.  Mail merge.  Envelopes.  Generate Tables of Contents.


Microsoft Excel: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.


Microsoft Access: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.


Microsoft PowerPoint: Basic.  Design a presentation and produce your own slideshow to demonstrate and illustrate your thoughts.


Microsoft Outlook:  Learn how to read, compose  and send email with Inbox, manage an address book with Contacts, maintain a schedule with Calendar, organize your life with Tasks, track everything you do with Journal.


Microsoft Outlook: Basic Intermediate.

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