Word Level 4 

Fields, Forms, Complex Documents, Toolbars, Macros, Integration

* Inserting Fields 
* Toggling Between Field Codes and Results 
* Updating Field Codes 
* Locking, Unlocking and Unlinking a Field Code 
* SpeedKeys Associated with Fields 
* Useful Fields; The Fill-in Field 
* Calculating in Tables; Complex Calculations 

* Creating a Form; Filling in a Form 

Master Documents and Subdocuments 
* Understanding Master Documents 
* Creating Master Documents 
* Working with Master/Subdocuments 
* Using Other Word Features with Master Documents 
* Printing Master Documents 

* Displaying Hidden Toolbars 
* Floating and Docking Toolbars 
* Customizing Toolbars 
* Creating a Toolbar; The Menu Bar 

* What is a Macro?; Planning a Macro
* Recording and Running a Macro
* Editing a Macro
* Assigning a Macro to a Toolbar, Menu or Shortcut Key
* Button Image Editor
* Copying a Macro
* Deleting and Renaming a Macro
* Macro Virus Protection

Sharing Documents
* Adding Comments
* Tracking Changes
* Protecting Documents from Unauthorized Changes
* Versioning; E-mailing Documents for Review
* Using the Round Trip Feature

Sharing Data with Other Applications
* Linking and Embedding MS Excel Worksheets in a Table
* Modifying Linked and Embedded Worksheets
* Updating and Breaking Links
* Creating a Chart; Modifying Chart Data
* Modifying Charts; Choosing a Chart Type
* Adding Chart Elements
* Importing Data into a Chart
* Working with the Equation Editor