Word Intermediate Course

Bullets, Borders, Sections, Proofing, AutoCorrect, Tables, Graphics

Bullets and Numbering
* Automatic Bullets and Numbering
* Applying Bullets and Numbering to Text
* Customizing Bullets
* Creating an Outline List

Borders, Lines and Shading
* Adding Borders
* Removing Borders and Shading

Working with Sections
* Creating a New Section
* Column Formatting
* Headers and Footers
* Page Numbering

Proofing Tools
* Automatic Spell Checking
* Spell Checking Selected Text or the Whole Document
* Hiding Spelling and Grammar Errors
* Using the Thesaurus

Using Browse
* Go To
* Finding and Replacing Text

Productivity Tools 
* AutoCorrect
* AutoText
* AutoFormatting

Applying Styles

Creating Envelopes and Labels

* Drawing a Table
* Creating a Table
* Moving the Insertion Point
* Modifying a Table
* Merging Cells
* Splitting Cells
* Table Borders

* Inserting Clip Art
* Using WordArt
* Creating Drawings
* Drawing AutoShape Objects
* Manipulating Objects
* Changing the Properties of Objects

Word and the Internet
* Creating Hyperlinks
* Saving a Word Document as a Web Page
* Creating New E-mail Messages with Word
* Sending Documents Via E-mail