Word Introduction

The screen, Help, Editing, Files, Fonts, Paragraphs, Printing

Getting Started with Word 
* Starting Word; Word Opening Screen
* The Title Bar; The Menu Bar; Toolbars
* Scroll Bars; The Status Bar; Office Assistant
* Menus; SpeedKeys; Dialogue Boxes
* Dialogue Box Elements; Exiting Word

Getting Assistance with Word
* Using the Office Assistant
* Getting Help Without the Office Assistant
* Manipulating the Help Window
* Finding Out What is On the Screen

Creating Documents
* Creating a New Document
* Entering Text; Entering the Date and Time
* Saving Documents
* Saving Files Automatically
* Closing a Document on Screen
* Opening an Existing Document
* Deleting Files; Creating a New Folder

Editing Documents
* Document Views; Moving the Insertion Point
* Using Click-and-Type; Scrolling
* Selecting Text; Insert and Overtype
* Typing Replaces Selection; Deleting Text
* Undoing Incorrect Edits; Redoing and Repeating Edits
* Case Conversion
* Inserting Symbols and Special Characters
* Assigning a Shortcut Key to a Symbol
* Creating Documents Using Templates and Wizards 
* Moving and Copying Text 
* Moving Text (Cut-and-Paste)
* Copying Text (Copy-and-Paste)
* Using the Office Clipboard
* Using Drag-and-Drop
* Opening a Second Document
* Document Window Panes
* Working with Margins and Paragraphs
* Setting Page Margins

What are Paragraphs?
* Indenting Text
* Aligning Paragraphs
* Line Spacing
* Paragraph Spacing
* The Paragraph Dialogue Box
* Setting Tabs
* Removing Paragraph Formats

Working with Fonts
* The Formatting Toolbar
* The Font Dialogue Box
* The Format Painter

Viewing and Printing Documents
* Landscape Printing and Paper Size
* Page Breaks
* Zoom
* Print Preview
* Printing