What is Windows? 

Your Desktop
* Opening and moving icons and windows
* Changing window size
* The active window
* The Taskbar
* The Start button
* Pop-up menus
* Minimize, maximize, restore and close buttons
* Scroll bars

Customizing your Windows environment
* Changing your screen display
* Screen saver
* Appearance

Opening and finding Programs and Documents
* Starting a program
* Finding documents
* Document menu
* Windows Explorer
* My Computer and Network Neighborhood

Find menu 
* Finding programs
* Switching between applications

Customizing your menus and icons 
* Adding commands to your start menu and program menu
* Adding shortcuts
* Renaming and deleting shortcuts
* Arranging your desktop icons
* Running MS-DOS based programs

Moving and Copying Files

My Briefcase

Additional Features
* Desktop themes
* Web Help