Using Outlook as a Universal Inbox 
* Outlook and Messaging Systems
* The Inbox Information Viewer Window
* Viewing Web Pages in Outlook

Folder List
* Folder List Icons; Inbox Information Viewer

Mail and Messages
* Sending a Message; Creating Rich Text E-mail
* Spell Checking; Send Options
* Working with File Attachments; Inserting Messages
* Embedding OLE Objects in a Message
* Office E-mail Integration
* Opening and Replying to a Message
* Opening an Attached File; Setting Message Flags

Using Folders
* Creating Folders; Expanding and Collapsing Folders
* Moving a Message to a Folder
* Deleting Messages in Folders

Using the Address Book
* Addressing Messages
* Displaying Different Address Lists
* Finding Names in an Address List
* Adding Names to Your Message
* Working with Your Personal Address Book (PAB)
* Copying from Address Lists to Your PAB
* Creating a Custom Address
* Creating a Distribution List (PDL) 

Organizing Your Information 
* Creating, Saving, and Applying Views
* Grouping and Sorting Items
* Filtering Items - Junk Mail
* Defining and Saving a View
* Applying a View

Using AutoAssistants
* Rules Wizard; Using the Inbox Assistant
* Using the Out Of Office Assistant

Meeting Planning
* Arranging a Meeting
* Booking Meeting Resources; Using the Meeting Wizard
* Viewing Responses to a Meeting Request
* Rescheduling a Meeting
* Adding Attendees
* Removing Attendees

Workgroup Tasks
* Assigning Tasks to Others
* Tracking Assigned Tasks; Deleting Tasks

The Journal
* What is the Journal?
* Recording a Journal Activity
* Opening a Journal Entry & its Recorded Item
* Viewing information in a Timeline
* Changing the Location of Items in a Timeline
* Displaying Time Scales