To give users an introduction to Outlook. Delegates will be able to navigate Outlook, get help, send and read email, set and keep track of their appointments, tasks and contacts, post Notes, and organize their Outlook desktop. 
A basic understanding of Windows is required.

* Getting Started with Outlook
* Getting Assistance with Outlook
* Using Outlook as a Universal Inbox
* Mail and Messages
* Opening, Replying To and Finding a Message
* Using the Address Book
* Keeping Contacts
* Meeting Planning
* The Calendar
* The Task List
* Recurring and Assigned Tasks
* Using Outlook Notes
* Integrating MS Office and Outlook
* Previewing and Printing from Outlook
* Using Folders
* Appendix - SpeedKeys
* Appendix - Email Do's and Don'ts
* Appendix - Computer Viruses and Email