Getting Started with Internet Explorer 
* What is the Internet?
* Starting Internet Explorer; Internet Explorer Screen
* The Title Bar; The Menu Bar
* The Standard Toolbar; The Address Bar
* The Links Bar; The Status Bar
* The Explorer Bar; Getting Help
* Exiting Internet Explorer

Browsing Web Pages
* What is a Web Page?; Browsing the Web
* The Back, Forward, Stop and Refresh Buttons
* The Home Page; Full-Screen Browsing
* Links and the Browser; Finding Items on a Page
* Opening HTML Files; SpeedKeys

The Internet
* What is a Network?
* Who is in Charge of the Internet?
* What is the Internet For and How Can I Connect?

Browsing the World Wide Web
* Uniform Resource Locators (URLs)
* Jumping Directly to URLs
* Returning to a URL; Links to Favorite URLs
* Browsing and Creating Favorite Links
* Organizing Your Favorites List; The Links Toolbar

* Security Zones; Securing Transactions; Content Advisor

Searching for Information on the Web
* How Search Engines Work; Using the Search Assistant
* Search Operators and Syntax
* Using Different Search Engines; Using a Web Directory

Working Offline and Downloading Files
* Browsing a Website Offline
* Managing Offline Content
* Saving, Editing and Printing Pages
* Downloading Files

Internet Mail and Newsgroups
* Internet E-mail Addresses
* Sending an Internet E-mail with Outlook Express
* Receiving and Replying to E-mail Messages
* Etiquette Using E-mail; Newsgroups
* Joining a Newsgroup Using Outlook Express
* Posting and Retrieving Newsgroup Messages
* Using Another Program to Send E-mail

Customizing Your Browser
* Making Pages Load Quicker
* Setting Disk Space/Cache Usage
* Customizing the Toolbars
* Changing the Look of Web Pages