Introduction to FrontPage
* Some Web Basics
* FrontPage News Groups
* Microsoft FrontPage on the World Wide Web

Getting Started
* Starting FrontPage; Creating a New Web
* Using the FrontPage Templates and Wizards
* The FrontPage Explorer Window
* Working with Pages; Applying a Theme
* Opening Web Pages in the FrontPage Editor
* Closing FrontPage Editor and Explorer

Working with Text
* Opening an Existing Web
* Typing Text; Importing Text
* Adding Lists; Copying and Pasting Text
* Using the Office Clipboard; Format Painter
* Saving/Opening a Page in FrontPage Editor

Working with Images
* Inserting, Moving and Resizing Images
* Coordinating Text and Images
* Editing an Image
* Creating an Imagemap

* Creating Text Hyperlinks
* Creating Image Hyperlinks
* Following Hyperlinks
* Deleting and Changing Hyperlinks
* Previewing a Web Page

* Creating a Table
* Typing and Moving in a Table
* Selecting in a Table
* Deleting Rows and Columns
* Inserting Rows and Columns
* Changing Column Width
* Merging Cells

Active Elements
* Adding Marquee Text
* Adding a Search Form
* Inserting a Hit Counter
* Adding Page Transitions
* Creating Animations
* Working with Office Documents

Editing and Proofing Tools
* Checking Spelling
* Finding and Replacing
* Updating and Verifying Hyperlinks
* Using Tasks

FrontPage Explorer Views
* Folders View
* Hyperlinks View
* Reports View
* Navigation View