Excel Level 3

Custom Formats, Import/Export, Templates, Multiple Workbooks, Printing, Macros, Named Ranges, Lookup Functions, Toolbars

Excel Advanced 
* Review Exercise 

Custom Formatting 
* Formatting Numbers; Using Custom Formats 
* Custom Number Format Sections 
* Custom Number Format Codes 
* Custom Date Format Codes 
* Formatting SpeedKeys; Using Conditional Formats 

Importing and Exporting Data 
* Using Paste Special 
* Object Linking and Embedding 
* Opening Text Files in Excel 
* Importing a Text File into Excel 
* Importing Data from Web Pages 

Templates and Add-Ins 
* Creating Workbook Templates 
* Custom Templates; Storing Templates 
* The Default Template 
* Loading Add-In Programs 

Working with Multiple Workbooks 
* Creating Custom Views 
* Creating a Workspace File 
* Using Workspace Files 
* Linking Workbooks 
* Creating Formulae to Link Data 

Printing Workbooks 
* Printing Multiple Worksheets
* Printing Multiple Workbooks
* Using the Report Manager

Lookup and Reference Functions
* Using the LOOKUP Function
* Using the VLOOKUP Function
* Using the HLOOKUP Function
* Preventing LOOKUP Errors

Working with Named Ranges
* Creating Range Names
* Using the Go To Command
* Range Names in Calculations

Working with Toolbars
* Displaying Different Toolbars
* Creating a New Toolbar

Using Macros
* Understanding Macros
* Recording a Basic Macro
* Relative References
* Running a Macro
* Assigning a Macro to a Toolbar
* Button Image Editor
* Editing a Macro
* Macro Virus Protection