Formatting, Workbooks, Formulas, Charts, The Internet

Excel Intermediate 
* Intermediate Spreadsheet Functions and Features
* Reviewing the Basics

Formatting the Worksheet
* Adding Borders and Shading
* AutoFormats
* Copying Formats
* Text Formatting
* Indented Lists

Using Styles
* Creating and Applying a New Style
* Modifying Styles

Navigating Worksheets and Workbooks
* Opening a Second Workbook
* Working with Large Sheets
* Using Zoom
* Worksheet Linking

Using More Advanced Formulas
* Preventing Rounding Errors
* Conditional Formulae (IF, AND and OR)
* The Formula Palette
* Financial Functions (PMT, FV, PV) 

Productivity Features 
* Protecting the Worksheet
* Hiding Data
* AutoCorrect
* The Spelling Checker

Charts and Pictures
* Creating Charts
* Changing Chart Elements
* Changing Chart Data
* Printing Charts
* Inserting Clip Art and Pictures
* Drawing Objects
* Manipulating Objects

Excel and the Internet
* Creating Hyperlinks
* Saving a Worksheet as a Web Page
* Web Page Preview
* Sending Worksheets and Workbooks Via E-mail