Introduction, Help, Screen Layout, Basics

Excel Introduction 
* What is a Spreadsheet?

Getting Started with Excel
* Starting Excel; Excel Opening Screen
* The Title Bar; The Menu Bar; Toolbars
* Scroll Bars; Active Cell, Column and Row Headers
* Sheet Tabs; The Status Bar; Menus and Submenus
* SpeedKeys; Dialogue Boxes; Exiting Excel

Getting Assistance with Excel
* Using the Office Assistant
* Getting Help Without the Office Assistant
* Manipulating the Help Window
* Finding Out What is On the Screen

Starting a Workbook
* Creating a New Workbook
* Moving Around the Sheet
* Scrolling; The Mouse Pointer
* Selecting Cells with the Mouse
* Selecting Cells with the Keyboard
* Spreadsheet Data Types
* Entering and Editing Data
* Editing Long Entries
* Undoing Incorrect Edits
* AutoFill; Custom Lists
* Saving, Closing, Opening and Deleting a Workbook 

Working with Worksheets and Cells 
* Using Go To
* Moving Data with Drag-and-Drop
* Cut, Copy and Paste
* Moving Entries (Cut and Paste)
* Copying Cell Contents (Copy and Paste)
* Using the Office Clipboard
* Using Find and Replace

Entering Basic Calculations
* AutoSum; Entering a Calculation
* Statistical Functions
* Using Relative and Absolute Cell Addresses
* Circular References

Formatting the Worksheet
* The Formatting Toolbar
* Enhancements· Alignment
* Formatting Numbers
* Resizing Columns and Rows
* Clearing a Worksheet

Structuring the Worksheet
* Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns
* Inserting and Deleting Worksheets

Printing Worksheets
* Print Preview
* Changing the Page Setup; Printing