Relationships, Referential Integrity , Macros, Custom Menus, Toolbars, Startup, Internet , Multi-User, Systems Design, Database Repair

Relationships and Referential Integrity 
* Many-to-Many Relationships 
* Setting Cascade Update and Delete Options 

* Customizing Menus and Toolbars 
* Creating Custom Menus and Toolbars 
* Customizing Menus and Toolbars 

Macros and Command Buttons 
* Creating a Macro 
* Macro Examples 

Designing Application Menus 
* Creating a Menu Form 

Setting Startup Defaults 

Hyperlinks and Internet Publishing 
* Using Hyperlinks and Publishing on the Internet 
* Using Hyperlinks in Tables and Forms 
* Creating a Data Access Page 
* Publishing Data on the Internet 

Database Management Tools 
* Database Management; Setting a Database Password
* Encrypting and Decrypting a Database
* Compacting a Database
* Repairing a Database
* Replicating a Database

System Design
* Using Add-ins
* Converting a Database to a Previous Version
* Multi-User Databases
* Shared Databases
* Setting Default Locking Properties
* Creating Groups and Users
* Setting User Permissions
* Assigning Ownership