Building Relationships: Advanced Features of Forms, Table Design, Reports, Action Queries  

Building a Relational Database 
* Designing a Relational Database
* Setting up Indexes; Creating an Index
* Primary and Secondary Keys
* Multiple Field Indexes; Maintaining Data Integrity
* Setting Field Properties; Using Validation Rules
* Setting Table Relationships
* Creating Input Masks; Using Lookup Fields
* Optimizing Data Type Usage
* An Example Relational Model
* Relationships and Referential Integrity

Creating Relational Queries
* Working with Related Tables in Queries
* Setting Joins Types in Queries
* Find Unmatched Query; Find Duplicates Query
* Filtering a Query Recordset
* Optimizing Queries

Calculating in Queries
* Summary Queries; Crosstab Queries
* Modifying Query Properties

Advanced Forms Features
* Using Advanced Forms Features
* Multi-Table Forms
* The Toolbox; Bound and Unbound Controls
* Inserting Graphics on Forms
* Creating a Calculated Control
* The Expression Builder
* Customizing Headers, Footers and Detail Sections
* Synchronizing Forms
* Creating a Switchboard

Producing Reports
* Creating Reports
* Applying Sorting and Grouping to Reports
* Performing Calculations on Reports
* Creating Custom Report Pages
* Using the Chart Wizard; Using the Label Wizard

Action Queries
* Action Queries; Make Table Queries
* Insert Queries; Delete Queries; Update Queries