Database Designing, Forms, Queries, Reports

Designing a Database 
* What is a Database?; Computerizing a Database 
* What is a Relational Database? 
* Primary and Foreign Keys; Relationships 
* Designing an Access Database 
* Defining a Data Store; Populating a Database 
* Extracting Information from a Database; Reporting Data 

Creating a Database 
* Starting Access; Access Opening Screen 
* Create Database Wizard; Opening an Existing Database 
* Getting Help with Access 
* Manipulating the Help Window; Exiting Access 

Defining a Data Store 
* Datasheet View; Design View 
* Switching Between Views 
* Table Design - Hints and Tips 
* Creating Tables; Saving Tables 

Modifying Field Properties 
* Field Properties; Field Size Property 
* Format and Input Mask Properties 
* Caption Property; Default Value Property 
* Required Property; Allow Zero Length Property 
* Indexed Property 

Modifying Table Structures 
* Changing the Structure of a Table 
* Adding Fields to a Table; Removing Fields from a Table 

Using Other Data Sources 
* Importing from Other Data Sources
* Importing Data Using Drag-and-Drop

Table Relationships
* Browsing Table Relationships
* Adding a Relationship; Referential Integrity Issues

Modifying Records
* Adding a Record
* Validating Data Entry; Finding a Record
* Modifying Records; Deleting a Record

Working with Data
* Sorting Data; Filtering Data
* Using Advanced Filters

* What is a Form?; Using AutoForm to Design Forms; Using Wizards to Design Forms
* Making Enhancements to Form Designs
* Object Properties

Simple Select Queries
* What is a Query?; Creating a Query
* Modifying a Query
* Restricting Records Returned by a Query
* Simple Calculated Fields
* Summary Queries; Multi-table Queries

Simple Reports
* Printing from Datasheet View; AutoReports
* Designing a Report Using Report Wizards
* Label Reports; Modifying Reports